Ready for the silent treatment?

Ready to revolutionise the way your audio is delivered?Whether it’s a seminar or a full-scale conference, our wireless headphones provide clear and intimate sound solutionsrarely seen – or heard – before.Our unrivalled 10-channel system allows guests to tune into the audio output from 10 different speakers at the same time, in the same space – perfect if you want to overcome poor sound quality or any language barriers. All attendeesare provided with a pair of LED headphones upon arrival or already distributed on the back of each chair.

When it comes to hosting a yoga and fitness class, you’ll want the ultimate sound quality so you don’t have to shout or disturb people around you. Our wireless headphones are the solution, allowing you to easily incorporate music into your class or give instructions and tips without having to scream. You can hire our easy-to-use headsets for all types of fitness classes, whether it’s an outdoor workout, spin class, cross-fit session, large warehouse event or even yoga in the park. So don’t wait—enhance your fitness class today with the power of wireless headphones.

Are you looking to host the ultimate silent disco or silent party? Then look no further!
A silent party is one of the most bits of fun you can have without going deaf. You can party all night long to the music of your choice, at your preferred volume level. No speakers mean no noise disturbance for your neighbours. Our dry-hire service is the perfect solution for you. With this package, you provide the music and we supply everything else – wireless headphones, transmitters, set up and collection – so all you need to do is plug in an audio device to get your silent party started!

Have you ever been to a wedding where the music was either too loud or not quite fitting with the vibe of the event? If so, we have the perfect solution for you. Our silent disco wedding package lets guests customise their own experience with ten channels of different music genres, so everyone can find something they like. Even better, each guest can control their own volume and even chat without shouting over other guests.

If you’ve ever fancied hosting your own silent cinema or an outdoor screening, we’ve got the technology to make this a reality – and what’s more, you won’t be upsetting the neighbours. Our premium wireless stereo headphones allow you to enjoy crystal-clear audio for your movie or performance without the need for traditional loudspeakers or comprising sound quality. Guests can also adjust the volume of each individual headset, so everyone can hear whatever level is best for them.

If you’re a school, college or university, our premium wireless headphones can be used for both educational and entertaining purposes. For the serious stuff, they’re perfect for class learning sessions requiring an intimate experience minus the distraction of any background noise. And of course, for the good times when students and graduates can let their hair down without anyone worrying about sound equipment or excess noise.